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Cold Warrior Hell

by Dr Tracy Baker

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The Cold War era was a time of international paranoia that created tremendous stress for the whole world. Christians were not immune from this and had to live and work in the environment of fear in a world that had thousands of nuclear weapons. Surprise attacks by aggressors during WWII combined with nuclear weapons on the world stage set forth the possibility of a surprise attack with drastically worse consequences.
In this book, Dr. Baker sets forth the experiences and stories of a Cold Warrior as he lived and worked through that difficult time in history. He has kept the stories as realistic as possible, though it is written for dramatic effect. All names are fictitious, however, in order to protect the privacy of the individuals involved. There are stories that will be humorous to the reader, but all the stories create an atmosphere of high drama. That was the atmosphere of the time because the demands on the military personnel were extreme with relatively small reward for their service.
The stories and experiences verbally illustrated occurred in a variety of settings: Minuteman Missile Maintenance, Minuteman Missile Launch, a teaching assignment, Base Supply, including Fuels Management, and finally, Munitions Supply. No specific units or bases are named to preserve their security and honor.
The reader will note that the people described in the book are not super men or women, but normal people put into extraordinary situations by the circumstances of the Cold War. Due to the large variety of personalities involved and the extreme demands of the complex systems, circumstances are sometimes created that few if any fiction writers could create. The result is that the reader will, at times, be spellbound but always kept interested by the dramas presented. If the reader gets to laugh at times, that's a plus!



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Dr Tracy Baker